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Packing Advice: - for customers undertaking their own packing for storage!

Use uniform boxes
It is best to stick to using a couple of size boxes, three at most. This will make stacking a vehicle and our storage units much easier, since similar size boxes can be stacked on top of one another.

Correct size boxes
Use the correct box for the correct contents. It is important not to make boxes too heavy. If you struggle to move a box, the chances are our team will struggle to lift it. Books, records and other heavier items should be packed into smaller boxes. Large boxes should be used predominantly for large kitchenware, soft furnishings and lighter bulkier items.

Everything that can go in a box, in a box
If you are packing up a property in preparation for storage, it is a good idea to pack everything you possibly can into boxes. This sounds obvious but it is amazing what people forget to pack. Lamp shades, VCR’s and music equipment and under stairs/cupboard contents are most commonly forgotten. Basically if it is small enough to put in a box, pack it. This will make the move into Mango Storage run much more efficiently, simplify the stacking process and speed up the job. It also gives you the chance to properly protect these items whilst packing.

Do not stack boxes over the fold line of the flaps
If boxes are over loaded, it makes it difficult to close the top of the box to make a flat surface. This hinders stacking and is more likely to lead to damage.

Seal all boxes with tape
Each box should be sealed at the top and bottom with a couple of strips of parcel tape along the central length of the box. Please do not be tempted to fold each flap on top of the one before it in a criss-cross fashion. Boxes can collapse this way. Fold each set of opposite flaps together and seal with parcel tape.

Label all your boxes
Label each and every box ideally with a marker pen. Write down the 1). The room name 2). A brief summary of the contents 3). If necessary the cupboard, shelf or drawer they have come from. 4). Also label whether the contents are *FRAGILE*. This will let our storage team know not to stack anything heavy on top.

Label on the side also
When you are putting boxes into storage you may need to get to certain contents in the interim. It may be worth labelling your boxes on the side as well as on the top of the box. This will enable you to know what is in them without un-stacking the entire unit.

Use original boxes
If you still have the original box for a product, then it is often recommended to use it, especially if for a TV where you have the original polystyrene protection specifically designed for it. Where you do not have original product packing boxes, this does not matter at all. We can take care of professionally packing and protected it.


  • Pack 'once opened' tins of paint - We are not insured for any damage caused by paint spillage from previously opened tins of paint.
  • Use fruit boxes
  • Use wine boxes (other than for wine)
  • Miscellaneous sized boxes from a supermarket
  • Boxes that are old or damp

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